“A Maintenance Assisted Community”


Quite often our association is referred to as “maintenance free”.

While there are differing understandings of what that term actually means, we are providing the following information as a guide to the services that are provided:



Services that are provided:

  • Conduct regular Board Meetings open to any Association Member.
  • Conduct at least one annual Association Meeting in January where Board Members are elected.
  • Publish Board Meeting minutes on our Association Website – www.highlandshd1.org
  • Maintain landscaping as per the current landscape contract.
  • Provide for the regular trimming of trees.
  • Provide for the application of mulch. 
  • Coordinate and send representatives to the Rosedale Homeowners Council. 
  • Welcome new homeowners to our association informing them what they can expect from the Association.
  • Collect the association dues and pay obligations.
  • Provide for and keep updated a web site and an e-mail list to let everyone know what is happening regardless of their location during the year.
  • Handle the cleaning of the roofs and exterior soffitt surfaces of Association homes on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Handle the annual testing of the backflow preventive devices
  • Manage the Association’s business in compliance with the Association’s by-laws and CCR’s 
  • Handle the painting of the outside of the houses on a regularly scheduled basis (The association painted all homes in 2012-2013 and 2020-2021).


Services that are not provided:

  • Replacement of sod, trees, shrubs or any other landscape material.
  • Repair of anyone’s lanai, cage or swimming pool.
  • Repair of anyone’s exterior lights (lights near driveways or on the sides or back of homes).
  • Repair of the exterior structure of homes - ie stucco, fascia, soffit, gutters etc.
  • Repair of anyone’s mail box (this is handled by the Master Association).  
  • Repair of anyone’s paved exterior surfaces on their property such as driveways to the street or walkways to doors or pathways to golf cart garages, etc. (sidewalk repair is handled by the Master Association).




.  Periodically a thorough inspections of all lawn irrigation systems will be conducted at the HOA’s expense.

   Individual homeowners will be advised of the cost for repairs and/or upgrades recommended and it will be up to the individual homeowner to decide

   if they want to go ahead with the repairs or find another solution (do the repairs themselves or have another company do the repairs).


   All repairs will be at the homeowners expense.